Sunday, August 23, 2009

Do people try to understand me or is my life just fucked up? Its just that I .ad commitments to fulfill and not that I didnt bother. You make it sound as if I never cared at all and it really makes me feel like shit. So thank you very much.

- a u g u s t i n e

Sunday, August 23, 2009

do people try to understand me or is my life just fucked up?

- a u g u s t i n e

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Life's unfair. Live with it. You screw up, you find your own bloody way out of it.

- a u g u s t i n e

Monday, December 15, 2008

Almost a month since I last blogged. And still I feel like I don't have much to say. I'm going away til the 24th and I'll be back just in time for christmas. I NEED to visit Harbourtown again. Even if my parents dont feel like it, I'm gonna go on my own. Hah. Anyway, things have been going pretty smoothly in school and stuff. Its like everythings just falling into plce somehow and I'm thankful for it.

Oh yes, guitars. Yeah, I figured I actually wanna custom make a Strat for myself. Maybe relic it a bit and make it look distry and grungy and stuff. I don't have enough money to get myself a vintage 60s strat so I guess I'll see if I can make a relic on my own. Haha.

- a u g u s t i n e

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Croc farm today for Advanced TV shoot. Hah. The bunch of crocs are seriously FAT. I really hope we can pull off the croc job. Anyways, besides that AIA qualifiers pretty much sucked, but given that I havent had any training before yesterday, I think I did pretty ok. 186 ave but its still bullshit. All I need is 2 more spares per game. Thats all. Cant be too difficult I hope. Tomorrow gonna bowl the 2pm and 3 pm squads. Hope they come good. HAHA.

ok I got lazy. BYE.

- a u g u s t i n e

Sunday, November 02, 2008

My dad comes into my room to get some stuff and I'm sitting on my bed, surfing while listening to an acoustic version of Dolphin's Cry by Magni.

Then he asks, "Is that christian music?" I say no.

"Its not Third Day?" No, I say.

He walks out seemingly disturbed.

What is the damn matter with listening to secular music? Come on, even Tai Anderson from Third Day tunes in to some Metallica. It really really really annoys the shit outta me whenever this happens. Its not like I'm listening to screaming death satanic metal and shit. Its just rock for god's sake. Alterbridge becomes bad music just cos its noisy in his opinion.

I appreciate and I like to listen to christian music more often than not.

If music is going according to my dad's way, its just christian music and nothing else. Thats one reason why I couldnt improve my guitar playing at all for quite some time - cos I've been listening to christian music so often that my playing just falls into that category ONLY.

Just let me enjoy and love the music I listen to, please. I need my dose of Toby Rand, Alterbridge, John Mayer and what not.

By the way, I have a Jesus t-shirt on.

- a u g u s t i n e

Sunday, November 02, 2008

I'm starting to achieve a realisation of things, what I want, how I see things, standing up for what I believe.

Sometimes I think I'm practical, sometimes I think I could do more. Other times I may be just plain annoyed and at times cynical - which I find pretty amusing.

And...I lost my way. Hah. Talk about knowing what I want.

Hell yeah. I wanted a midnight/pre-dawn rant after a sham of a second half by Man United. Seriously dudes, pick up your friggin game.

- a u g u s t i n e

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ok a quick update.

Mambo night was fun. Came in for class late the next day. More or less settled my project scope for Advanced TV. Had a pretty decent long weekend.

I've been thinking about things lately, trying stuff and what not. Not that it interests you poor souls who are reading but yeah. Its and update for now till i muster enough energy to extend my typing spree.


- a u g u s t i n e

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A wonderful 3 years.

Failure makes you stronger.

- a u g u s t i n e

Monday, October 06, 2008

I hope G.A.Sing makes everything better. Somethings I dont get, somethings I question.

I dont exactly now what to say over here cos nothing seems right.

Oh well, my Tiny Terror kicks ass. Serious ass. For fucking real. That Ceriatone 2x12 cab looks pretty darn good. Nice black cabinet with grey tolex and twin V 30s - gear-gasm.

- a u g u s t i n e

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Analog is the new black. Digital is the current shit.

Digital-ity equates to increased complexity of devices that offer users many viable options of entertainment and communication whatsoever. Unfortunately, I think the more digital we get, the worse digital stuff becomes. Whatever happened to good, solid ANALOG equipment?

Big majority of people are scrambling for the iPhone, OMNIA and what not. I don't quite see the point just yet. I pretty much feel every new fragment of technology is overhyped to a point when people over look its practicality and opt to get it for the sake of being part of the culture of technology.

Sure, technology and digital things make life easier in many senses. High demand for technology = brands needed to increase output = sending manufacturing duties to countries where the quality of goods is pathetic. I really respect companies who maintain their high standards in this day and age. Thermoinic, Zebranalogic, Landgraff to name a few. High quality equipment that will last.

Think about it. Why do people want 'VINTAGE' stuff? its for the basic fact that these things last long, and longer than most current productions. Especially in music. With digital, there's not much feeling that can go into whats being played. An amp modeller will never be able to act the same way as the amp thats being modelled after.

Oh and one more thing. Today's music in general is pretty much boring. There are too many teenage pop rock bands with singers who sounds relatively similar to each other. I bet if you were to switch them around, you'd hardly notice the difference. I certainly hope the days of playing good and simple music aren't dead.

- a u g u s t i n e

Monday, September 08, 2008

Two things on my mind today.

First of all, CAB DRIVERS.

I was taking a cab back home from somewhere I cant remember but the taxi's license plate was SHB 9556 Z.

Now, the question of being ethical. The fare of the taxi came up to $5.95 and the driver conveniently blurted out, "$6." No doubt it was a mere difference of 5 cents but i dont think it was something the taxi driver should be doing? You don't bloody go around rounding up the damn figures on the meter just to earn more. There are cab drivers who round down the the total fare should there be a difference of 5 cents. Thats an act of generousity on their part but I don't think its right to charge more than what you supposedly earn.

I'm very sure not all taxi drivers are like that but you do contribute to a negative stereotype about them. I really do hope you don't do that to your other passengers cos it really sucks.

Ok moving on. Was talking to Jerry on friday and he told me something about being a "jack of all trades but master of none." I figured he was right. Why was I trying to be good in so many things instead of focusing on one? I don't know. He said," Do you wanna be the jack of all trades but the master of none, or do u wanna be the master of ONE?" I agreed but then again, look at it differently. If all my interests make up who I am, why cant I be the master of who I am? I'm determined to prove it to myself that one day I'll master whatever I'm doing through dedication and hard work as well as maintaining the passion I have for each craft.


Now what should my next G.A.S be....Hmmm.

- a u g u s t i n e